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"Nothing will work, unless you do."

Maya Angelou

I believe every client is creative
and should be involved in the process of creating.

The Packages

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Branding + design elements


My job is to help you to:

create your vision

define your brand personality

write a professional bio

Logo and design elements

what you will get:

three main logo concepts

logo marks

color palette

pattern and texture


help with applying
design elements

One week process

depends on your schedule



Full package

Branding +

Logo and design elements

and a lot more

client feedback session online

banner design for all social media

social media post design

card and printing design

Two or more weeks

depends on your schedule



Girl Glowing core values

Every girl can be successful.
Authenticity and hard work are the keys to success.
Supporting each-other is the priority.

Let's work together!

Or let's have a talk and share our thoughts.