Dear reader,

Welcome to a blog blog dedicated to the art of living with style and courage. It features a lot of inspiration content, the work of artists and designers, personal journals, music playlists and so much more. Basically, it is a lifestyle blog with a bunch of great stuff. Most importantly, it is a safe, creative place that supports individuality, artistic thinking and inspiration seeking.

About the owner

Josipa enjoys small things in life, like a cup of coffee in the morning, good Spotify playlist, and some old TV-shows like Family Matters and That ’70s Show. Her favorite thing to do is to read. For her, books are the safe, calm and almost sacred place. 

She also enjoys exploring the psychology behind motivation and creativity, so she reads a lot about it too. The reason why she loves to learn new things is that it helps her to expand her views on the value of living. Josipa is, by her educational background, an early childhood educator, but in her free time, she is learning how to become a self-made web and graphic designer. She created and designed her website all by herself.

She loves to read lovely messages, so feel free to send one.